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TipFrom.Me is a unique referral marketing service that lets you turn your web customers into an active sales force. Whenever your customers purchase your products they can share a “Tip” to their friends, family or anyone through email, tweets, social networks and the web.

Receive a Tip From a Friend?

If a friend or connection of yours has sent you a “Tip” that links to TipFrom.Me you might be wondering what it’s all about, is it safe to click the link, and what will happen if you do click it. Well you’re in the right place! Let us explain everything for you…

Is it Safe?

First up, if the link starts with http://TipFrom.Me/ … then yes it’s 100% safe to click. You won’t be exposing you or your computer to anything harmful. You have our word.

What is a “Tip”?

A “Tip” is what we call a promotional discount. This is normally a coupon code or a special link that you can use to get money off a product or service that you purchase on the web. The product could be anything from a household object to a subscription to an online service or even a weekend getaway for two. How romantic!

How do I claim the Tip?

Just click the link that you’ve received and you’ll be directed to the website that’s selling the product. You’ll also see the coupon code that will give you the money off, or tell you exactly what to do. It’s pretty simple.

Do Tips expire?

Yes most of them do, and the timescale varies. It’s best to check out the product and purchase soon after to avoid the disappointment, and ensuing screaming and tears, of a Tip that expires.

Why did I receive a Tip?

If you received an email from someone you know with a Tip in it you might be wondering why. Well you probably know the person who sent it, and they qualified to get the Tip by purchasing a product. That person will actually get a reward if anyone uses that Tip to purchase the product, so everyone wins!

I saw a Tip on the web, will it work?

You might have seen a Tip posted on Twitter, Facebook, another social network or the web, and yes it will work just the same as receiving an email. You could have also received a Tip by text message, carrier pidgeon or printed on the side of a bus, as long as you type the web address in correctly then that will work too!

Does TipFrom.Me sell products?

No, we don’t directly sell anything. What we do is provide a service for people who do sell products to allow them to promote through the web. If you do have questions about the product itself then contact the seller direct.

Can I send Tips too?

Yes you can, but you’ll need to qualify by purchasing something. If you purchase an item by using a Tip you’ll most probably be invited to to send out Tips to your friends so that you can also get rewards. We say ‘probably’ because vendors might be stopping the promotion when you purchase, and when we say ‘reward’ we actually mean good old fashioned US dollars! You’ll know if you qualify as you’ll get an email with all the info.

What about spam?

Let’s be straight – we don’t spam and we never send unsolicited emails or any type of communication, and we don’t let anyone using our service do it either. If you suspect someone of spamming let us know and we’ll give it our full attention.

What’s up with .Me, why not .com?

Our website address http://TipFrom.Me doesn’t end with the common .com, but .me is equally as valid. It makes no difference to you, and it lets us spell out our unique name. Don’t fret if you should go to TipFromMe.com you’ll arrive at the same place.

Who’s behind TipFrom.Me?

We’re a brand new company, but we have years of industry experience. Our founders have started many successful ventures, from marketing companies like BitsDuJour and RebateDelivery to e-commerce companies like FastSpring. Our tech guys started CM3 Consulting and have build a host of household name websites. There’s much more to tell, but all the info is on our About Us page.

More Questions?

We think this page should have explained everything you need to know about how to claim a Tip, but if not you can always contact us and we’ll answer any outstanding questions for you.

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