Please Note: As of 1 December 2011 Our Service has been suspended. Existing Vendors and Tippers can Read More about how to remove our service.

TipFrom.Me takes what you’re already doing on the web, and then gives your customers the power, and the incentive, to refer their friends and contacts back to you. We help make great companies with great products spread their message through social networks.

Our system is designed to be:

Highly configurable. Working with your existing marketing messaging TipFrom.Me slips right in and adds the social features you’ve probably already been talking about, but have never been able to deliver.

Easy to implement. Our system connects easily to your existing technology and e-commerce provider. We provide step-by-step configuration guides which will have you set up in next to no time.

Bulletproof security. Unlike similar ideas we’ve seen in the past TipFrom.Me ensures that every transaction comes from a trusted source and all of our communications are secure.

and of course…

Effortless to use. At every stage in the process TipFrom.Me provides easiest and most intuitive way for your customers to get the message out there. We don’t require any messy form filling up front, and our ‘One-Click-To-Share’ links ensure that everyone gets your message out there.

TipFrom.Me Pitch Deck

Want to get the gist of TipFrom.Me? Just view the presenation below.

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Shopping Cart

TipFrom.Me is designed to give your purchasing customers the ability to share a discount coupon for a product that they purchase through your shopping cart. They do this through simple ‘One-Click-To-Share’ links on the thank-you page of your cart that post a ‘Tip’ to Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere else. We then reward those customers every time that a sale results from the ‘Tip’ they shared.

Email and Newsletters

Our ‘One-Click-To-Share’ links can also be included in emails that you are already sending out to your customers. The links can be included in the purchase receipt email that you’re already sending, giving them a second place to see the promotion.

If you’re sending follow-up emails a few days after a purchase is made then our links could also be included there. These are your customers so we leave the choice to you.

Existing Customers

If you have an existing group of customers that have purchased in the past, or a large mailing list of users who have not purchased, but you’d like to give them the ability to share ‘Tips’ to their friends, then we can provide that capability too.

Web Applications

If your customers use an online service, support system or even an online game then we can add in ‘Tips’ to that too. Imagine the registered users of your web application being able to tell all their friends about it right from your web-app itself, and getting incentive rewards for doing so.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

If you are a technology company with a product for desktops, smart phones or any device we can allow your users to share ‘Tips’ right from within your application itself. We love to make it easy!

Physical Products

We know that not all products are purchased online, and we want to give you the ability to invite anyone who purchases a boxed product to share ‘Tips’ for that product with their friends. By using your existing online product registration system we can give you that ability, or you can even use ‘Tips’ as an incentive to users to register your product!


If your company takes telephone orders for your products then again, we can send ‘Tips’ to your customers. As long as you have the email address for the purchasing customer we can make it simple.

Custom Configurations

We’ve shown you the breadth and power of how TipFrom.Me can energize your business with a whole host of possibilities. We’re always open to new ways that we can connect with your users and customers, in fact, we relish the challenge, so feel free to run your ideas by us!