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TipFrom.Me is a unique service that lets you, as a vendor who sells your products on the web, turn your customers into an active sales force. Whenever your customers purchase your products they will be given the opportunity to share a “Tip” to their friends, family or anyone through email, tweets, social networks and the web. The great thing about the “Tip” is that it means money off purchasing your products for anyone receiving it, and also a payout to anyone sending it.

For your customers the process is easy. We integrate with your existing shopping cart so they don’t need to re-enter their information, all they do is “click and share” to spread the word. We handle all the payments by either credit card, PayPal or worldwide check distribution. We all know that your existing customers are the most likely to recommend your products to people they know. TipFrom.Me finally gives you the power to let your customers spread the word for you, and get paid to do so.


We understand that each of our vendor’s needs may be unique, so we have a multitude of ways that we can integrate with your existing shopping cart to make a seamless experience for your users. We also draw upon years of industry experience to help you devise the most effective promotional campaign for your unique product. Sign Up, or Contact Us to get the process started and see how we can help you turn your buyers into sellers!

TipFrom.Me Vendor Presentation

Below is a walkthrough showing how a customer receives a ‘Tip’ and can share it on social networks.

Click ‘Menu’ and ‘View Fullscreen’ in the bottom left to easily view the presenation.

Supported E-Commerce Systems

TipFrom.me operates seamlessly within the following eCommerce systems. If you do not see your eCommerce provider listed, please ask them to integrate with TipFrom.Me and also please let us know.