About Us

building-drawingPlease Note: As of 1 December 2011 Our Service has been suspended. Existing Vendors and Tippers can Read More about how to remove our service.

TipFrom.Me is a ground-breaking service enabling you to turn buyers into sellers. Traditionally affiliates have been businesses, using our service you can now turn your consumer buyers into affiliates without requiring complex contracts, length signup procedures or risk to you. When consumers purchase your products, they will be given a Tip (typically in the post-order confirmation e-mail and on the post-order screen) they can share with their friends.

This Tip, similar to a Coupon, will give their friends a discount when they buy your product and will result in the person who shared the Tip getting a payout as well. Similar to paying out a commission to an affiliate except your customer is driving new traffic and the commission is getting divided between your Buyer and the Buyer they create. We keep it simple, handle all the behind the scenes tracking, paying and reporting. This means you can concentrate on your Product, and watching those new sales roll in.

Management Team

Nico Westerdale

Nico has a flair for mixing art with technology, and making it successful. After having worked for a multitude of dot-com startups he started producing his own graphic design software including the award winning Screen Calipers measurement tool. This software is featured on Iconico.com, a website which Nico founded to sell and support software applications from a variety of vendors worldwide. In 2007 Nico acquired BitsDuJour.com, a deal-of-the-day website that markets independent software applications for 24 hours at a discounted price. Nico sits on the board of directors for the Association of Software Professionals, and he has received a BA in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University in England and when time permits is still a practicing artist.

Christopher Stratis

Christopher has an extensive background in business strategy, marketing and business development initiatives as well as website development. His interest in strategy and analysis combines with a passion for the creative application of business technology. Christopher is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s Information & Decision Systems and MBA programs and applies that knowledge to real-world project management.

When Christopher isn’t busy working he participates in an assortment of outside interests, primarily with his family and church. He is a five-time USA Karate team member, a drummer, and a former track and field coach.

Christian Jungers

Christian is responsible for much of the development of our technology. He earned undergraduate degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science, Cognitive Science and Philosophy as well as a graduate degree in Software Engineering. During the last 15 years, Christian has applied his knowledge with companies panning several industries including retail, government contracting, telecommunications, marketing, service, and networking industries. His breadth of experience has provided him a variety of projects and environments, which further enhances Christian’s abilities to tackle any project and find efficient solutions.

Whether he’s the head mechanic for a Carnegie Mellon buggy team, the director of technologies for an internet startup company, the sound engineer for amateur bands, or 15 feet off the snow on his ski boards, Christian brings passion and enthusiasm to each of his endeavors.

Scott Ziolko

Scott’s background in statistical theory and applications provides TipFrom.Me with a strong quantitative solution. Scott is also well-versed in the application of computational and graphical statistics and has experience in large database implementation, facial pattern recognition, medical imaging, response curve analysis and finance. He received a bachelor’s of science in statistics with a concentration in biology and minor in business administration. He has co-authored pieces published in several peer-reviewed journals including Stroke, Neuropsychopharmacology, NeuroImage, Nature Neuroscience, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, Biological Psychiatry, and Archives of General Psychiatry.

When Scott isn’t working, he heads outdoors for hiking or biking, dabbles in photography or surrenders to his obsession with sports.