Turning Buyers Into Sellers


TipFrom.Me is a unique referral marketing service that lets you turn your web customers into an active sales force. Whenever your customers purchase your products they can share a “Tip” to their friends, family or anyone through email, tweets, social networks and the web.

Receive a Tip From a Friend?

If a friend or connection of yours has sent you a “Tip” that links to TipFrom.Me you might be wondering what it’s all about, is it safe to click the link, and what will happen if you do click it. Well you’re in the right place! Let us explain everything for you…

Is it Safe?

First up, if the link starts with http://TipFrom.Me/ … then yes it’s 100% safe to click. You won’t be exposing you or your computer to anything harmful. You have our word.

What is a “Tip”?

A “Tip” is what we call a promotional discount. This is normally a coupon code or a special link that you can use to get money off a product or service that you purchase on the web. The product could be anything from a household object to a subscription to an online service or even a weekend getaway for two. How romantic!

How do I claim the Tip?

Just click the link that you’ve received and you’ll be directed to the website that’s selling the product. You’ll also see the coupon code that will give you the money off, or tell you exactly what to do. It’s pretty simple.

Do Tips expire?

Yes most of them do, and the timescale varies. It’s best to check out the product and purchase soon after to avoid the disappointment, and ensuing screaming and tears, of a Tip that expires.

Why did I receive a Tip?

If you received an email from someone you know with a Tip in it you might be wondering why. Well you probably know the person who sent it, and they qualified to get the Tip by purchasing a product. That person will actually get a reward if anyone uses that Tip to purchase the product, so everyone wins!

I saw a Tip on the web, will it work?

You might have seen a Tip posted on Twitter, Facebook, another social network or the web, and yes it will work just the same as receiving an email. You could have also received a Tip by text message, carrier pidgeon or printed on the side of a bus, as long as you type the web address in correctly then that will work too!

Does TipFrom.Me sell products?

No, we don’t directly sell anything. What we do is provide a service for people who do sell products to allow them to promote through the web. If you do have questions about the product itself then contact the seller direct.

Can I send Tips too?

Yes you can, but you’ll need to qualify by purchasing something. If you purchase an item by using a Tip you’ll most probably be invited to to send out Tips to your friends so that you can also get rewards. We say ‘probably’ because vendors might be stopping the promotion when you purchase, and when we say ‘reward’ we actually mean good old fashioned US dollars! You’ll know if you qualify as you’ll get an email with all the info.

What about spam?

Let’s be straight – we don’t spam and we never send unsolicited emails or any type of communication, and we don’t let anyone using our service do it either. If you suspect someone of spamming let us know and we’ll give it our full attention.

What’s up with .Me, why not .com?

Our website address http://TipFrom.Me doesn’t end with the common .com, but .me is equally as valid. It makes no difference to you, and it lets us spell out our unique name. Don’t fret if you should go to TipFromMe.com you’ll arrive at the same place.

Who’s behind TipFrom.Me?

We’re a brand new company, but we have years of industry experience. Our founders have started many successful ventures, from marketing companies like BitsDuJour and RebateDelivery to e-commerce companies like FastSpring. Our tech guys started CM3 Consulting and have build a host of household name websites. There’s much more to tell, but all the info is on our About Us page.

More Questions?

We think this page should have explained everything you need to know about how to claim a Tip, but if not you can always contact us and we’ll answer any outstanding questions for you.

Best Hunting Backpacks Reviews

Searching backpacks for have been about to get a variety of century. Native American Indians produced the very first acknowledged decoys from painting high yards. The very first colonists followed match and brought that knowledge back again to Europe. Americans began sculpting hunting backpacks from wood in the 1800’s. Carvers made and painted them in patterns suggesting feathers to lure the waterfowl.

Decoys are hands carved from wood nevertheless. Hunters declare wood decoys are the most practical – riding around the water precisely like real live ducks. The majority of are solid wood, but decoys are developed with hollow centers also. That escalates the portability some for hunting gloves.

To produce it feasible to carry lots of decoys long ranges to each and every stream, river, lake, to every marsh and pothole, they are made from cork or foam, plastic or even fabric. Inflatable decoys; motorized decoys; industry decoys; kite decoys; they are some of the quite a few ranges obtainable simply.

Given that the item behind utilizing decoys would be to attract ducks to come within gunshot variety, it is needed to explore a number of distinct type of infect learn exactly what functions for you personally. Bear in mind, different times with the hunting season, different times with the day, and unique forms of waterfowl all require various spreads.

After which you can discover self-confidence decoys simply to make the waterfowl hassle-free and most likely to come in close for your rig to develop for a more thriving hunting period. Study the organic event of waterfowl that naturally environment the area that you will be hunting and adjust your infect complement. The concept will be to create your spread where the waterfowl wish to be and match your spread to develop them close to your best hunting backpack.

So, be observant. Research the area. Learn from experience. Experiment. And after that have a good time!

Searching knapsacks for searching have been about to get a number of century. Native American Indians produced the very first recognized decoys from painting high grasses. Many are solid wood, however decoys are created with hollow centers. After which you can find self-confidence decoys just to make the waterfowl practical and more likely to come in close for your rig to create for a more prosperous searching period.

Best Recommended Wiper Blades

Ultimately, past the snowy and cold months. It’s time, warmed by. And so, within this month, April, is also Nationwide Auto Care Month. How about the easiest way to learn how to take great care of one’s rain x wiper blades.

This month isn’t really simply your automobile neat specifically. The goal is to really motivate a lot more data and knowledge of lorry owners and users about the particular qualities in the cars. In this way, males and females can understand more about vehicles and how they run.

Probably the most disregarded components a lot more windshield wiper can be utilized described as wiper even. Recognizing the most automobile owners, only that best aspect which can be when the rain or snow begins to fall. This implies that some wipes rain, dirt or snow on the windscreen of the car. It really is a legal requirement to possess a windshield wiper.

For some lorry owners, the inquiry is: Do I must change my windscreen wiper? propose and advise that the wiper and wipers blades are changed annually car specialists. They say that folks should not wait up until the rubber wiper has actually currently been torn, or presently trico wiper blades.

This is primarily mainly due to the fact that damaged windshield wipers would just provide a blurred vision and vision problems when owning by method of sleet, rain or snow. When that happens, incidents that might primarily be prevented in case you struck the roadway had an apparent vision take place.

Changing wiper of a car is anything that the owner himself might in truth do and don’t require experienced service. You discover, when you get a wiper blade noticed that assembly, in addition to the brush is a guide on the best ways to make the modification and exchange. When buying a brand-new set, be sure you pick the ideal size for your car – it ought never to be too considerable, nor truly ought to it be minute.

You are able to shop it in the vehicle parts with concerns to these frequently ask in case you are not confident exactly what to buy for your vehicle. Always remember that the method to get rid of the wiper blades of age need to be in the exact same way likewise, that you put on the new. Following you set up the new in, test the fresh set of blades, so that you can see if they would be operating correctly.

Who Is Holding Your Ladder Samuel Chand

20 foot ladder standsAs you might or may not know currently, there are a number of different types of best ladder available for you to select from. If you’re searching for a mobile and reliable ladder, than you can look into roofing ladders which have retractable hooks.

Since the hooks can move in and out, it makes shifting and transferring the ladder much easier, as you do not need to be worried concerning the hooks hanging out.

An extra option you’ll have the ability to select will be the ladder it doesn’t have pulling back hooks, rather they’re repaired into location permanently. While this can make the ladder more tough to move and transport, it can utilizing scenarios include more stability furthermore, as this is more of a heavy weight ladder. If you possess the offered space, then you definitely could want to look into this kind of ladder based on the kinds of jobs you do.

little gian ladderA 3rd choice, possibly much more practical for the property owner who would like to do a single task here and there just, will be the choice of looking for hooks. Some businesses sell hooks that can turn a basic ladder into a ladder you’ll be able to use for the roofing.

You are going to want to make certain the ladder you put them on is sturdy, however if you happen to have an extra top-notch ladder lying around after that this is an exceptionally desirable option. The wonderful element about this is the ladder can either be a basic ladder, or can merely be converted into a roof ladder.

You may likewise opt to lease a roof ladder than buying one or acquiring hooks rather. Having stated that, under no scenario if you ever aim to work with a non roofing ladder for concentrate on your roofing system. This is risky, due to the fact that the ladder will not be secured and may effortlessly move and slip and move around. Because of that, this is counter intuitive and really need to never ever be tried completely.

Among the main targets of this kind of ladder is security, and that ought to be your most important issue as well. If you cannot get or rent a ladder, then rather rely on working with a specialist to finish the perform for you personally. Typically location security preliminary when it concerns focusing on your best attic stairs using a ladder.

How To Choose A Syma Quadcopter

quadcopter dronesSyma’s other Quadcopters have already checked rather popular enthusiasts. The earlier launched Syma X5c review design furthermore brings a camera, although it will not supply a live feed. Rather a specific have to enjoy the tape-recorded video footage after the truth.

With the First Person View (FPV), nevertheless, they will see exactly what the electronic camera is seeing as it sees it, through a four.3-inch color liquid crystal display screen (LCD) screen inside the control device. This helps it be obtainable to zip First Individual View, though the wider lens would make doing a lot simpler substantially.

It’s also achievable to begin and stop taping through one particular button on the controller. If you need to improve your quadcopter’s function, it actually is useful for one to improve your drone with Syma X5c devices.

These 5 Devices you need to include in your Syma X5c quadcopter

ThinkMax 4-In-1 Battery Charger

As quickly as you have actually purchased extra batteries for the X4 H107C, currently comes the job of keeping all of them charged! Luckily, there exists an alternative: the ThinkMax 4-in-1 battery charger. This is among those Syma X5c accessories that can be found in helpful, when you are trying to charge more than one battery at a similar time.

As the name shows ThinkMax 4-in-1 charger, the battery charger consists of 4 ports that allow one specific battery on a single port. At present you will cost each of your replacement batteries at the exact same time, that ultimately eventually winds up conserving a lot of money in the end. By far the most fascinating feature of this 4-in-1 battery charger offers “Overcharge Defense”, it ensures you don’t accidently overcharge your batteries. ThinkMax charger is not only compatible with the standard Syma X5c batteries, however additionally compatible with the ZJCHAO 3.7 V 500mAh battery set.

ZJCHAO 3.7 V 500mAh Battery power Set

Generally, the X4 H107C uses exceptionally much less flight duration, about 7 minutes, if you are also looking for a device which enhance its flight period, then, ZJCHAO three.7 V 500mAh battery set is ideal for your Syma quadcopter. This battery set comes 5 batteries, for this reason you may longer retain in the air.

Each and every battery contributes regarding seven moments of flight time, for that reason it offers 35 minutes included battery life that you might enjoy. Usually would rather buy some additional number of battery for the quadcopter, because it makes it possible for you to spend more time in the air and much less duration on the sidelines.

Further Props

It can be more effective to buy extra sets of props always, merely due to the fact that the propellers of one’s Syma X5c devices might be broken incredibly very quickly when you are wishing to discover how exactly to fly your drone first-time. Under the appropriate guidance Even, it is basic to break them. Which is why it is essential to have an extra propellers your hand.

Defense Cover Blades Guard

In case you are a beginner at flying a drone you then need to make sure that you defend your Syma X5c drone’s blades by attaching the security cover blades guard. Due to the fact that of crashing or maybe a shaky landing the blade can quickly break or damage your drone’s propellers, that may in the end ruin your flying encounter.

Syma Crash Load

Let’s face it- you’ve prepared to crash your X4 H107C at the least many circumstances prior to you acquire the droop of flying. Nevertheless, it will be frustrating to lower a prop or damage the body shell. With the Syma crash pack you won’t ever need to stress over any damage or crash. The Syma crash cover kit makes up some inexpensive devices:

  • 8 pairs of props
  • 4 rubber feet
  • Flight battery
  • Two motors
  • Replacement body shell

Due to the fact drones are inclined to extremely quickly finding broken extremely, so it is important for the owner to safeguard your drone prior to it gets broken, among the very best methods of doing this: accessorize your Syma X5c.